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1. Question: What is Lemon Lime Pepper?
2. Question: What is: Angel dust? How do I use Angel Dust?
3. Question: Can you tell me more about Miraculous All Purpose seasoning blend?
4. Question: What is Blackening?
5. Question: What is Spicy Gourmet Herbs?

In answer to your question, What is Lemon Lime Pepper and How do I use the Lemon Lime.?

I had to quit using lemon pepper as it made my blood pressure rise, so I created lemon-lime pepper which is made by adding pure lemon and lime oil to vegetables, namely, garlic, corn, onion, and cutting the salt level to only two percent, rather than virtually all salt like lemon pepper.

1. To to my knowledge there is no other lemon-lime pepper in the world. I found out why when Iwent to make it. Due to the increased cost of lime oil over lemon oil, it makes profit margins too low to sell it in grocery stores.

2. Lemon-lime pepper serves two main purposes

Its first job is to pull the flavors together and pull it into the center of your food with its miraculous marinating while you cook effects; due to its granular composition, contrary to surface flavor created by merely squeezing lemon or lime over foods while cooking. Lemon lime could arguably establish your flavor for you, making you a much better cook.

3. For those who don’t like citrus flavor, lemon or lime on their foods they will be delighted to know you can get the product to do its job of pulling the flavors together and marinating them into your food by a mere whisper and not taste it at all. It's very concentrated and to taste it you would need add only an extra whisper.

So, let’s get it clear, one whisper of lemon-lime just makes you a better cook by pulling all the flavors into the middle of your product; and two whispers does that as well, and subtly adds itself to the taste for those who like the taste as well. Also, since it is so concentrated it will outlast other spice blends sometimes 5 to 1.

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In answer to your question, What is: Angel dust? How do I use Angel Dust?.

Garlic is in the two main flavors, Miraculous All Purpose and Gourmet Blackened, but it fuses into one flavor, and you cannot taste it. Anything in one bottle has one flavor, that’s why you have to keep your flavors separate.
Warning: angel dust is a garlic kicker. It is addictive, it won't hurt you, but it will make you hurt yo self, cause you will put it on everything you eat; and it helps make all foods so good you cannot stop eating till you done hurt yo self.

I created angel dust to kick the garlic up and in the process hid the rest of the cajun trilogy beneath the 80% garlic; namely, red bell pepper, celery, parsley, and onion. Angel dust has no salt. It adds all those wonderful vitamins and nutrients to your main flavors, as well as cutting the salt virtually in half instantly on the main flavor.

Salt, in the main flavor, Miraculous All Purpose, begins at 5%; however, it averages downward to approximately 2%, by putting lemon-lime pepper 2 %, then adding angel dust with 0% salt under it and topping it with the spicy gourmet herbs with 1% salt.
***the blackened main flavor begins at 3 % and averages down to between 1/4 and 1/2 percent salt by following the same process. Any less salt and it would be unhealthy for you and not taste good.

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In answer to your question, Can you tell me more about Miraculous All Purpose seasoning blend?

A story worth reading, details of creation.

“Miraculous All Purpose”: a season all that I put some of on everything I eat but deserts. It's very low in salt, no msg and not salty and hot, no fillers, glutens, fats, or preservatives.

My cooks could not speak English and I could not speak Spanish so my blending expertise developed in my youth became very critical to my survival. They say necessity is the mother of invention, and I must agree to a large extent.

When I bought the Crazy Cajun on 27OCT1982, I handed him $2000 dollars cash on the agreement that he would walk out the door and I would take over immediately, even though the paperwork had not yet been finalized. I went to the business next door, drew up a pamphlet telling folks how wonderful a cook I was; and, that I’d buy it back if I wasn’t right. Little did I know they’d almost all of them show up to see if I was right?

They showed up with lines out to the street the next day. I opened the next morning, with no preparation other than the flyers I passed out that morning, the 28th day of OCT 1982, “the crazy cajun food factory had been birthed’: after passing out the flyers, I rushed back to the restaurant just as the throng of customers began to drive up; ran into my restaurant, coming face to face with a 15 yr. old Salvadorian cook just as scared as I, who had never worked with me or cooked cajun food and could not speak my language.

I had no time to instruct him in the art of cajun cooking, so I threw a mixture, the best way I knew how of spices left in the restaurant and some garlic, onion, etc. From my cubbord, into a bowl and stirred them up and told him to season with that. I showed him to put lemon pepper and extra garlic powder first then showed him how to liberally add the “season all blend” that I just put together.

I went on to win best Cajun food in the Houston Galveston area for the following year of 1983, and was picked best restaurant in the Houston Galveston area in January 1984. I had added one blend to my seasoning process during 1983, gourmet herbs, and because of this won the best Cajun food, as well as best seafood in the Houston and Galveston area as well.

I thought since this blend won me awards as best all this, that it deserved to be called what it is, “Miraculous All Purpose Seasoning”. It truly is miraculous, as it brings out the flavors of the food you apply it to and no dish cooked with it taste the same. Many restaurants only have one flavor. Miraculous produces a different flavor for each food you cook and each style of cooking with the same food produces a greater array of different flavors. It's truly “Miraculous”!!!

And most importantly, it produces life in you and your family, not death; as it’s all natural, with vitamins and minerals, being only spices and dried vegetables. It’ll truly make everything you eat”mo betta”, and enable you to laugh and love, to enjoy you lovin and yo eatin “mo betta” as a cajun you lovin and yo eatin is the two most important things in life and if you ain’t a enjoying those two things, why you dead anyhow, you just a wastin gods oxygen.

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In answer to your question, Question: What is Blackening?

In making the gourmet blackening blend I took over 50% of the salt and all the offensively hot peppers out of traditional blackening seasoning for a 3% salt, with a little kick but not hot, an award winning flavor, and my winning technique broke the blackening rules and made it most convenient for you, as I won best blackened over the other blends by cooking it in butter on a flat grill over medium heat.

When I took the 50% salt out of the blackening recipe, I added other gourmet spices making it in effect an all purpose blend you can season any food with; and, that won me every contest I ever entered with it. I won best in blackened items, as well as best blackened seafood in the whole Houston Galveston area.

Because of kids it sells 3 to 1 over the other more famous blend Miraculous All Purpose, because it’s spicy, but doesn't hurt. They go wow when they eat food seasoned with the Miraculous All Purpose, then when they take a bite of blackened food, most of them will go nuts over it, and will eat anything you put it on, even vegetables they won’t normally eat.

I usually put all 4 blends used to create both main flavors on precooked restaurant foods or fast foods, just like I would if I was cooking it from scratch, just less of each. My technique for using my 5 blends to create 2 main flavors is in effect a cookbook for people who don’t cook. It’ll turn a pasta dish, a pizza, a burger or a fast food breakfast or other sandwich into a gourmet experience. It's truly worth the trouble of doing the 4 whispers. When in a hurry I just use the main flavor but try to at least add the herbs with the main flavor of choice.

note I add 4 blends as well as on everything I eat already cooked by others, except friends and the restaurants who cook good of course-my favorite eating is opc, other peoples cooking.

Remember, my gourmet blackening blend has become a season all you can use to kick up the flavor in all prepared foods, Andy style of cooking, even battered, no, especially blackened pan fried in butter; simply by sprinkling a little on or into any food from salad to a baked potato, on popcorn, or on your eggs in the morning, I always put at least a little herbs also, together it creates that flavor that grabs your taste buds and won't let them go, its truly addictive, even on macaroni and cheese, pastas, pizzas, grilled veggies, even in canned green beans along with the gourmet herbs of course, baked potatoes, pizza and especially breakfast or other sandwiches, pastas, or other foods or salads that have cheese or sauces on them, it's great even on grilled pineapple, and mangoes and avocados, in bloody Mary’s.

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In answer to your question, What is Spicy Gourmet Herbs?.

The spicy gourmet herb blend is basically rosemary, thyme, basil and oregano, a whisper of garlic, and diversified peppers hidden behind the herbs, designed to add the big leaf herb flavors, to make the food sensationally gourmet and edible for grandmothers to grandchildren, with just the right exciting flavor kick. The spicy gourmet herb blend is truly a miraculous product as well.

Since you cannot put much big leaf herbs without over powering your food, the peppers were hidden to kick up the heat level almost doubling with each whisper after the first whisper.

It's truly ingenious and phenomenal as each whisper allows you to perfectly spread 4 herbs and numerous peppers designed to hit your taste bud in a rounded way rather than just in specific areas like the singular or double pepper users.

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