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Basic instructions for using crazy cajun spice blends

I won best restaurant in the Houston Galveston area, best seafood, cajun food, and blackened food in the same area; and, was selected by diners club international in the top 5 rest's in Texas using these 5 blends with the technique described below, as well.

I won all these awards with my two main flavors, Miraculous All Purpose and Gourmet Blackened Blends. My seasoning road map to winning these awards was simply by putting a whisper of Lemon-Lime Pepper, then putting a whisper of a garlic kicker called Angel dust and painting it red with either Miraculous all purpose or gourmet blackened, then adding one whisper of Spicy gourmet herbs which I did on everyone’s food from grandma’s to grandkids, then for people who asked for spicy food I put two whispers of the spicy herbs. Miraculous flavor avg. Salt 2%, Gourmet blackened avg salt 1 ¼ to 1 ½ using my blends.

For new customers seeking award winning flavors; just check this seasoning and cooking technique out, and let me know what flavors you want.

Cooking is primarily time, temperature, and seasoning applied to different cooking styles or techniques; mainly just be conscious of the thickness of what you are seasoning when applying spices. For instance, you would not put as much quantity of seasoning on a shrimp as you would a pork chop or steak or chicken or on vegetables. The spices go into any dish or on any food item in the same proportion.
1. just remember to begin on all dishes with whispers of Lemon Lime Pepper, first to do the job of granular Citrus, for Marinade and flavor establishing purposes; then when you want to taste it as well, on seafood or poultry, add a slightly heavier whisper
2. then add a slightly heavier whisper of Angel dust.
3. then be more liberal with the main flavors, either Miraculous All Purpose or Gourmet Blackening. I paint it red, light red on thin stuff, and heavy red on thicker items like steak, Fish fillets and Chicken or Pork. On a Salmon fillet season it lighter at the thin tail part of the fillet but get heavier as you proceed up to the thickest part.
4. then you complete the seasoning by adding a faint whisper of the herbs. [Remember the instructions on the herb bottle, one whisper makes it sensationally gourmet, two whispers make it slightly spicy and three whispers begins Spanish lessons in a bottle- [so proceed past one whisper of herbs to increase the kick only]
5. pat the seasoned seafood and meats to embed the spices, then just flip it over, and repeat the process, remembering to only cook it as long as necessary to get it barely done.

For vegetables in pots or soups or stews: just add spice blend proportionally along lines you used on meats and seafood's, but usually not as heavy and stir them in, taste and perfect by adding more of blends needed to produce the taste you desire

Or:sprinkle on when grilling or broiling or steaming; for steaming no oil is needed, just add a teaspoon of water or citrus juice per 8-12oz bowl, cover with plastic wrap and nuke 4 minutes on high; or, boil water under steam pot to desired doneness. For grilled Vegi’s just sprinkle on and baste with butter, margarine, olive oil or squeeze fresh lemon or lime on them as needed to keep surface moist, to keep it from crusting, and to help caramelize, fuse and complete the pulling of the flavors together onto and into your foods, preferably right as you reach desired doneness.

[I always add a whisper of all-purpose when taking food items from their cooking process]. This is critical on Salmon, Pork or Steak, but to me it's critical on everything, Vegi’s and all, as heat neuters spice and this kicks it back up and makes it racy and exciting tasting again.

Remember to allow for the cooking that takes place after you take it off the fire or out of the pan, oven or grill due to internal heat, as it will continue cooking as it cools down before serving; and, as you eat the dish it's still cooking until it cools down.

Timing is everything, and whichever cooking technique taken, do your best to insure you are cooking the food evenly from both sides; also once again remember to be sure timing includes up to and including the time passing after one takes something off the fire until the dish is served, so be sure to take this into account [they call this letting it rest. Some meats and breads need to cool a little for perfecting the flavors and allowing it to ease into the “done” status, while most others may be consumed instantly].

For vegetables:add the spices in the same basic proportions, but use less for Vegetables; allowing for the thickness or thinness of individual portions when broiling, sautéing, baking, grilling etc.; and, for ounces to gallons of liquid mixed with solid Vegetables and meats in soups etc.;

The Lemon Lime in soups stews etc. Will pull the spices together, and pull it into the foods, thereby “establishing your combined fused flavor” for you. Mainly, have an adventure; you have some of the best flavor enhancing tools in the world.

I am in process of doing interactive videos, showing you how to do some fantastic recipes and stuff; its better, and easier to do when you can visualize it. Any helps you need for special events or dishes, feel free to contact me; but, don't be bashful, be creative and go exploring, cause bashful folks don't get nothing but left out or mistreated. Even The Good Lord says you have not cause you ask not, my daddy told me to reach out and get me some or it would pass me right on by. I thought my Daddy was a dummy till I left home when I was 12 years old. He became real smart by the time I was twelve and one half years old as I ran into things and people he had been trying to caution and instruct me about.

However ya say it, it's how ya do it that matters. So, if ya scared like I am sometimes, say so; but always remember, even then you can call me, or just look up, ask The Good Lords help and blessings; then just take off and do wonderful stuff with the basic instructions and yo imagination. Go for it. It's all a learning process; many of you are better cooks than I, but for the remainder of you, just remember the song, “I just got a few mo years on you babe, that’s all”. Using my Miraculous spice blends while following these techniques will help you not only catch up, but pass most cooks or chefs in this world.

God bless you,
The Crazy Cajun