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Frequently Asked Question about Crazy Cajun

1. Question: What makes crazy cajun spices & foods worth the $$$.?
2. Question: Do I have to buy 4 bottles to get that flavor?
3. Question: How do I use the Lemon Lime?
4. Question: Can you give me some Blackening ideas?
5. Question: Can you tell me about your TRIO flavors?

In answer to your question, What makes Crazy Cajun spices & foods worth the $$$.

You owe it to yourself, your family, and friends to read this whether you buy my products or not. Why would I spend $6-$8 for a bottle of crazy cajun’s spices

When the worlds best known chefs spices are from $1.50 to $5 in Grocery stores.

Realistically, besides my being recognized the best tasting Foods in every category I want and tried to be best in; for the Most part, i‘m the only one profiting from the sale of my spice Blends allowing significantly more real spices and healthy Ingredients, more quality, to go into the bottle you purchase. Although I need money also, I am driven by desire, not profit.

The price others charge you alone tell you that dollars, not Desire for excellence and health, drives what is added to your Bottle of “spice” or food. Many, if not most of the products In the grocery stores are divided into 5 or more profiting Agencies with their hand in the profit jar for each product you Use, leaving very little to be spent on “good stuff” for you.

This makes the reality that a maximum 12.5-18 % max, or less of The final cost, goes to the creator of those products, making His profit and expenses having to come out of that 12.5 %. That Leaves very little to put into the bottle in quality and real Products for your consumption. It's time for us to get real, To wake up and smell the roses about grocery stores today, Even ray charles could see that the food industry is mostly Market driven and detrimental to your families health and Well being. We have been duped and forced into accepting Deadly chemically produced artificial and substitute Flavors.

I spend more out of my pocket on spices and packaging for any One bottle of my blends than many of my competetiors sell their products for. What does that tell you? I compared my Competitors products and figured a consumer would have to Spend $14 to $16 on their products to get the same quantity of Spices Ihave in one bottle of mine.

It's not hard to see why, with the grocery store adding Virtually 50% to the price the broker sells it to them for, with the creator of the product having to split the remaining 50% 4 ways and take all costs of production, labor, and product

Out of his ¼ of 50%. Go figure, that leaves him making less than Virtually anyone, and whats worse, you getting practically Nothing except deadly ingredients.

It is clearly market driven, with the consumer the one winding Up on the short end of the deal, as the owner is forced by the Grocer’s to putting much more salt and many other diversified Fillers into their blends to make any profit at all. Many of them buy wheat by the ton which is light and airy, taking up a Lots of room in the bottle, then they dye it different colors to Make it look like certain spices and add it into their product. They’ll do anything for a buck.

I know a fellow spice blender who stated he was squeezed So hard by the system and the grocer’s that he went broke, totally out of business, while selling over 400 cases a week of His product.

Also, know for a fact most major food manufactors take out The healthy stuff in your food and add laboratory produced Stuff in it's place to increase the shelf life; and that is not Only not healthy, but they are adding stuff your body cannot Digest and over time will and does produce disease and death In you and your family. The reality is that it's dollar driven. I am driven by desire to be the best for me and my family and You.

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In answer to your question, Do I have to buy 4 bottles to get that flavor?.

Yes, to get it just like I did it to win the awards and cooking competitions against the best restaurants in Houston Galveston area and the world; and to produce the same exact flavor; but they can do so good with just three, the lemon lime, the main and herbs most cannot tell the difference as long as they at least put regular garlic between the lemon lime and the main or they'll be missing an integral part of the flavor. No one except a gourmet taste bud would know or miss the other ingredients, but putting it in there makes me go wow, and makes me feel secure in the knowledge I’ve done my best for health, joy, and lastly to win the competitions Iget in; but, most important, I know and I gotta have it. I'm gonna carry the flavor as high up the mountain as I know to do and can afford to carry it for me and the ones I love and cook for.

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In answer to your question, How do I use the Lemon Lime?.

I had to quit using lemon pepper as it made my blood pressure rise, so I created lemon-lime pepper which is made by adding pure lemon and lime oil to vegetables, namely, garlic, corn, onion, and cutting the salt level to only two percent, rather than virtually all salt like lemon pepper.

1. To to my knowledge there is no other lemon-lime pepper in the world. I found out why when Iwent to make it. Due to the increased cost of lime oil over lemon oil, it makes profit margins too low to sell it in grocery stores.

2. Lemon-lime pepper serves two main purposes

Its first job is to pull the flavors together and pull it into the center of your food with its miraculous marinating while you cook effects; due to its granular composition, contrary to surface flavor created by merely squeezing lemon or lime over foods while cooking. Lemon lime could arguably establish your flavor for you, making you a much better cook.

3. For those who don’t like citrus flavor, lemon or lime on their foods they will be delighted to know you can get the product to do its job of pulling the flavors together and marinating them into your food by a mere whisper and not taste it at all. It's very concentrated and to taste it you would need add only an extra whisper.

So, let’s get it clear, one whisper of lemon-lime just makes you a better cook by pulling all the flavors into the middle of your product; and two whispers does that as well, and subtly adds itself to the taste for those who like the taste as well. Also, since it is so concentrated it will outlast other spice blends sometimes 5 to 1.

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In answer to your question, Can you give me some Blackening ideas?.

In making the gourmet blackening blend I took over 50% of the salt and all the offensively hot peppers out of traditional blackening seasoning for a 3% salt, with a little kick but not hot, an award winning flavor, and my winning technique broke the blackening rules and made it most convenient for you, as I won best blackened over the other blends by cooking it in butter on a flat grill over medium heat.

When I took the 50% salt out of the blackening recipe, Iadded other gourmet spices making it in effect an all purpose blend you can season any food with; and, that won me every contest Iever entered with it. Iwon best in blackened items, as well as best blackened seafood in the whole Houston Galveston area.

Because of kids it sells 3 to 1 over the other more famous blend miraculous all purpose, because it’s spicy, but doesn't hurt. They go wow when they eat food seasoned with the miraculous all purpose, then when they take a bite of blackened food, most of them will go nuts over it, and will eat anything you put it on, even vegetables they won’t normally eat.

Iusually put all 4 blends used to create both main flavors on precooked restaurant foods or fast foods, just like Iwould if Iwas cooking it from scratch, just less of each. My technique for using my 5 blends to create 2 main flavors is in effect a cookbook for people who don’t cook. It’ll turn a pasta dish, a pizza, a burger or a fast food breakfast or other sandwich into a gourmet experience. It's truly worth the trouble of doing the 4 whispers. When in a hurry Ijust use the main flavor but try to at least add the herbs with the main flavor of choice.
Note: I add 4 blends as well as on everything I eat already cooked by others, except friends and the restaurants who cook good of course-my favorite eating is opc, other peoples cooking.

Remember, my gourmet blackening blend has become a season all you can use to kick up the flavor in all prepared foods, Andy style of cooking, even battered, no, especially blackened pan fried in butter; simply by sprinkling a little on or into any food from salad to a baked potato, on popcorn, or on your eggs in the morning, I always put at least a little herbs also, together it creates that flavor that grabs your taste buds and won't let them go, its truly addictive, even on macaroni and cheese, pastas, pizzas, grilled veggies, even in canned green beans along with the gourmet herbs of course, baked potatoes, pizza and especially breakfast or other sandwiches, pastas, or other foods or salads that have cheese or sauces on them, it's great even on grilled pineapple, and mangoes and avocados, in bloody Mary’s.

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In answer to your question, Can you tell me about your TRIO flavors?.

THE CAJUN TRIO: this is the culinary defined, scientific complete flavor, on seafood and poultry especially. It begins with a citrus, then a main flavor, and then a combination of big leaf herbs, but does not include a garlic kicker like angel dust, for those who don't prefer the taste of garlic on their foods.

***for people who love the cajun flavor, but say they do not prefer the distinct flavor of garlic I must tell the story of my in laws. Every weekend there was a huge gathering at my in laws, wherein my pa in law and Icooked for the army that showed up. Of course, many people are like my in laws kids and cousins, who came out and asked my father in law and I not to put the ole despicable garlic and onion and peppers on their food, we said alright, we won't, and promptly added it; and, secretly laughed our hiney off; as to our glee, they thanked us for the best food they ever ate and that we did not put the forbidden stuff on their food. For people who don't like certain things, it can be just their taste, but usually they have been abused by bad experiences, by improper use by other cooks, or perhaps by personal error.

Point being multitudes said my food at the crazy cajun food factory in Seabrook, TX was the best they ever ate and a vast majority said in surveys that it was either the best or some of the best food they ever ate anywhere in the world from any chef; and, there was always some who said they liked it because it did not have certain things in it, and often if not usually, it was one of the main ingredients that won their taste buds and the vote for best food in the world by them. It was not that it was used; it was how it was used. Spices are a tool to ratchet up flavor. Cooked spices taste most different than the raw product. Most do not even know the fused combo flavor of the combined ingredients used, they judge it by a harsh memory where it dominated their food and decided they did not like it.

That said, I break that tradition as Ibelieve it to be more effective when citrus is used functionally in a granular form, I still often will squeeze a flash of fresh lime or lemon on top to accentuate the complete flavor. I also am of the opinion that a garlic kicker is also absolutely necessary. Anything in one bottle takes on one fused flavor. Some flavors have to be kept separate and used separately to have its designed and desired effects, even though they may be in the main flavor mix.
Yes, I’m arguing with most who say they don't prefer a garlic flavor in their food. I contend it is a must except for people who are petrified at its use or allergic; and, that if I do my job it will not stand out, but will merely bring out the flavors of a food that cannot be brought out any other way. [Yes, I cheated and added garlic to people’s food secretly unless they were allergic to it, and won their hearts and their taste buds.]

These are the order of use of the three flavors that is the culinary school foundational must, to have a complete flavor scientifically, especially on poultry and seafood. Those three traditionally begin with a main flavor, then herbs, then citrus many times as a squeeze for a top flavoring agent or as a marinade for hours, which dominate the flavor and overpower the food.

I break the normal top flavor citrus tradition; because I believe I have discovered something the culinary world has not discovered the power of granular citrus. My trio begins with granular citrus, then adds, unknown to the world, or the diners a slight sprinkle of garlic fused with the cajun trilogy, then the main flavor, either my miraculous or gourmet blackened flavor, then tops it with my spicy gourmet herbs and peppers. If I did not tell you, you would not have known, and I won best all-around food, best cajun food, best seafood, best blackened in one of the seafood capitols of the world, if not the seafood capitol of the world as the gulf of Mexico is unarguably the scientific best incubator of many of the best seafood's of the world.

I have consistently won almost every competition over those of the topping with a squeeze of citrus to create flavor persuasion. This is a surface flavor; whereas, a granular citrus embedded into the food, becomes the establisher of flavors and a marinator while you cook, of the first degree. A main flavor that most certainly contains garlic of varying degrees, then the dish is topped with herbs. One of the first thing a culinary school will teach you is that to have a culturally acceptable complete flavor on seafood and poultry at least, you must include citrus, a main flavor, and big leaf herbs for a complete flavor on seafood or poultry.

Obviously, one can just use salt and pepper and make anything taste good; it’s up to the individual's personal taste. I merely learned this formula outside of any formal training, as a matter of taste, as Iwas exposed through many cooks Iencountered who shared the wonder of citrus and of course the Italians and Spanish brought big leaf and different herbs to the forefront, and we Cajuns jumped on the bandwagon and Canonized it with our garlic onion, celery, and bell pepper and parsley sandwiched between citrus and the main flavor and herbs.

While some people have bionic taste buds, I defy most every human alive to tell me they taste any stick out flavor of spice. If a cook does his job there is produced a unified flavor where the food is enhanced and made taste wonderful without almost any detectable or dominate spice except the one the cook features occasionally, or the one that makes the dish. Obviously basil chicken better have the taste of basil, chili basil better taste like basil with chili. Taste is an individual thing and the great cooks and chefs have a taste high percentages of the general public agree with, that makes them go wow, that pushes their palatial buttons, rings their bell per say.

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